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Steve’s Never-Ending Story
submitted as a tribute to him by Julie Davey

Many of you may have heard the sad news and others may not have.
Steve Rom, 38, died on December 3, 2010.
Those of us in the Writing for Wellness family  remember his life’s story from the City of Hope Writing for Wellness classes and from our book’s last chapter “Steve’s Story” and continue to praise it as an inspirational and uplifting one.
Steve battled cancer, went through a successful bone-marrow transplant at City of Hope, and, with God’s help and his mother Paula’s, he lived for several years, returning to graduate school, writing his book, “Centered on a Miracle” with NFL Super Bowl Champion Rod Payne, was a motivational speaker and writer and a wonderful human being.
He had beaten the leukemia.
A separate form of cancer ultimately took him from us.
He leaves behind a legacy of sports writing, inspirational speaking, a wonderful book and, “Steve’s Story” in the Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing book. He is also a featured writer in the book “Coincidence or Something Else?”
Steve also authored highly academic papers that were published in professional journals. His aim was to become a doctor and he was well on his way.
To honor Steve and to keep alive the inspirational work he was involved in, Paula Kamisher, his mother, continues to speak, write and distribute his book and his story. Let us all remember Steve by being positive, as he always was, and consciously choosing a path to make the world a better place.

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