If I take care of Gordon, God will take care of me.

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Louiseanne has been in our WFW group for over two years, and I don’t remember one meeting where she wrote about her own problems. Never about her four melanomas, never about her impending spinal tap for a bone marrow biopsy. It was always about Gordon.

Gordon’s problems?  Within the last eight years, they include- renal failure, heart attack, kidney transplant, diabetes, laminectomy, and the latest, lung cancer.  He just finished four radiation treatments on each lung. In January they’ll check out another nodule on his lung.

Marion and I recently visited them at their home. They were both using walkers while they prepared tea and cookies for us. What an inspiration to see these two, carrying on their lives as though normality still existed for them. Louiseanne still attends twice a month meetings of a survivors knitting group, a Great Books Discussion group, along with our Writing for Wellness meetings.

How does she do it? When I asked her that question she gave me an answer that was perfect for the title of this entry.


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