Many Flowers Grow in Our Garden

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Today is Monday, May 27th, our regular meeting day. Since it’s Memorial Day the Library is closed, and we’re meeting at my house. As we sit on the deck alongside our pond, we can see Marion’s flower beds, overflowing with flowers of all types, all colors.
Originally our Writing group was a garden with one kind of flower, all of us affected by the same thing-cancer. Now we have a garden of many varieties, many colors. Consider:
Jane- Blindness is not only being unable to see, yet writing poetry guides me to total vision.
Kimiko- I’m learning to be compassionate, and to understand my pain from the past and the present.
Bonnie-Staying positive is difficult, but writing has given me a purpose; it’s fulfilling and enjoyable.
Mary- I avoided the group until I acknowledged the colorectal cancer, now I seek acceptance.
Pat- Breast cancer brought me to the group, has also helped me with the skeletons in my closet.
Marion- I’m 11 days from a four hour spinal operation, the leg pain is increasing.
Louiseann- She couldn’t make the meeting; her husband just entered a Hospice facility.

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