Recap of a Writing for Wellness meeting, Ocean Pines, Maryland, 6-24-13

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Home Prompt- Write about someone in your life who held out a rope when you were in a deep, deep hole.

Responses included:

-My partner held out that rope for me when I had Cancer…

-My 24 year old grandson needed a rope, and a rehab facility is providing it…

Prompt 1- In a recent Washington Post Sports section photo, fans are shown reacting to a foul ball landing near them. Two young women are sitting together- one is smiling,unconcerned, while the other woman is cringing, hunched down. How do you explain the difference in their reaction to a dangerous situation?

Responses included:

-I would be the “afraid” one. In real life too, things can happen so fast…

-I could be both- sometimes great fear,sometimes I’m fearless. Maybe I should be analyzed…

– I would be battered, but my fearless sister would probably be offered a job…

-It’s like the game of Battleship-sometimes you sink (glub-glub), sometimes you’re just damaged…

Prompt 2- Marion was being asked about her pain level, constantly, in the hospital and in the rehab facility- “On a scale of 1 to 10….?” Write about pain levels, types of pain,your reaction to pain, etc.

Responses included:

-I doubt that 1-10is an objective absolute number, picture being tortured what is your pain level ?

-At abdominal operation I welcomed the needle and its drugs. At Childbirth I had a barbaric no-drug MD!

-Physical pain for the Cancer victim, emotional pain for the Caregiver, how can you rate them?

-Emotional pain can be just as difficult…

-Emotional pain of Father dying at same time as physical pain of delivering son…

Home Prompt- Dealers Choice, you pick the subject (here are some suggestions)-

I feel pure joy when I remember…..

I learned the hard way that….

I am going to work on being…so that a year from today, I…


At the end of this meeting one member asked if we could hug each other. We did, and a tradition returned. When I first attended Cancer Support meetings 10 years ago we always ended with a hug.
How word-of-mouth works- Ron Pilling came to our meeting, told Dolores Pike. Dolores Pike came to our meeting, told Betty Cianci. Betty Cianci called about doing an article in the Delmarva Courier. Go to
to see the article.


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