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One of our members has a story to tell that inspired our group, and should inspire anyone that is struggling in their lives. Although she thinks that any young Mother would do the same to defend her children I think her experience was much more than that. I also think you’ll agree with me.


It was the first Friday in April, I’ll never forget it. I left my home, with my two small children, and went into hiding. I expected something frightening might happen, and it did. Tracked down, my vengeful husband threatened my life, threw our belongings outside, and even smashed my car. His lies to a court essentially bankrupted me. He wrote me a letter, bragging that he would “make things so difficult” he would “break me” and then he would “deal with me”.

Up till now I had been a “stay-at-home” Mom. Now I had to be both Mom and Dad, and protect us all. I went to school to become a paralegal so I could defend us in court. Eventually his wages were garnished and his job transferred him to a distant location. In many ways my life was just beginning.

My paralegal training secured a position with the Department of Justice at Headquarters. This was a time I describe as “the ride of my life”. My job involved making recommendations on life and death matters- big-league high stakes on a regular basis. I learned how to shoot (even an UZI), and became a crack shot. Never again would I be a helpless target for a sociopath.

Nearly forty years have passed since that April day. I became sophisticated in legal matters, was able to provide for my family, and have a secure retirement. Other than lasting scars on my children’s memories our lives are good.

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