When it Works, Just Go With The Flow

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26 March 2015 390 views No Comment

Did you ever use a prompt that elicited a powerful response from each and every participant? Did you ever spend the entire meeting reading and discussing the written responses to just one prompt, the homework assignment? I did, this week, leaving no time for any in-class writing exercises, usually one or two prompts.
It was a very simple request- write about your regrets.
Wow! The twelve participants used over ninety minutes for everyone to read to the group, then get feedback-words of consolation and support. It reminded me of the depth of feeling we witnessed years ago when our focus was solely on cancer. The feedback was so intense, so emotional, I couldn’t bring myself to suggest moving on. Interestingly, although many of the twelve were cancer survivors, cancer was not the main focus.
The expressed regrets included:
– not spending more time with my dying sister…
– I should have done a better job, my son died at 46…
– a single mom, I couldn’t spend time with my two children, working 7 days at two jobs…
– as I walked down the aisle I realized that this was a mistake…

The lesson learned? Be flexible and adjust to the spirit of the moment.

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