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If your Writing for Wellness group is an ongoing one (ours is about five years old) coming up with fresh prompts can pose a problem. Newer members wouldn’t notice if some prompts are repeated, but I like to keep them shiny and new for those original members still with us.
One option is to draw from real life situations, either from the daily newspapers or from our members’ own lives (always with their permission). Seldom are these personal stories, when used as a prompt, exactly the same. Here’s an example from our last meeting.

The Perfect Storm
She– had her third operation last Monday, reconstructing her artificial hip. It will take 4-6 weeks of physical therapy, use of a walker, before she’ll be ready to walk with a cane and attend her granddaughter’s graduation from medical school in New York City.

He– had several recent fainting episodes, three visits to ER’s at Atlantic General, PRMC, and Nanticoke Memorial hospitals. Testing continues with both a neurologist and a cardiac specialist. Driving is prohibited until diagnosis is completed.

The Cat-the cat is at the vets in Berlin, getting IVs and x-rays, has a high temperature.

The Pond– The waterfall pump stopped working and a squirrel chewed off the electrical plug.

Write about your perfect storm.

I only had to ask permission from my wife to use this prompt- it’s her story, and mine.

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