How’s Your Aging Going?

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That was the Home Prompt at our last meeting. Most of the responses were what you’d expect- a serious reflection on dealing with physical and emotional problems. Successes and failures, happy and sad, from abuse to cancer, from grief to acceptance of “what is”, the stories just poured out.
And then came Kathie’s poem. I wish you could have heard the laughing, laughing that increased with each succeeding stanza. Crying and laughing, sorrow and joy, a wondrous mix that helps our members in Writing for Wellness moving forward.

It’s rough
It’s tough
Don’t want to be
Seen in the buff!

Social Security,
& AARP ….
They are now a
Part of me.

A cup of Joe,
A bathroom — my foe….
All I do
Is go!

Eat a mass,
Get much gas.
No long am I
A young lass.

I hurt,
I’m (fairly) alert,
And I’m on
This side of the dirt!

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