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Mary is a survivor of three cancer operations and chemotherapy. She and and her husband had booked a trip to South Africa for next winter, but were considering backing out before it was too late.  The trip would be expensive, strenuous and scary, especially in light of mandated six month CT scans and a problematic mammogram.

Then Mary received the Home Prompt for our next meeting. It asked members to read an excerpt from Judy Rohm’s poem, “A Lesson”,  then comment on it.

                      A Lesson
 Because cancer teaches that snorkeling
Coral reefs pays greater dividends than a savings account
And mowing summer grass can be postponed
For bike rides past wild flowers and country streams…
Cancer is not a gift but a lesson
Full of seeing now and loving presently.
Mary’s “comment” on the prompt was a swift and decisive action. Although she won’t be exploring any coral reefs, she and Ron will ‘live presently’ and hang the expense! They finalized their booking to South Africa.
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