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Occasionally some of our members have greater difficulty moving beyond their life-storm into healing and acceptance. At our latest meeting I asked for comments on their journey to healing and acceptance; were they close to reaching their goal?

This was Cynthia’s response:

The healing I have been chasing and hoping for does show up in bits and pieces, then new circumstances bring back the “old” issues. This demonstrates to me that the healing I thought had occurred had not yet graduated to acceptance.
The healing journey I have been embarking on involves loss, perhaps of a dream or vision I had adopted as a young person of what life would be like. I am certain God has a laugh at us humans when we make our plans.
The loss of a marriage, a partnership, a business, two of my children going through their own sense of loss and choosing to medicate. Being a witness to their choices had me feeling like a failure as a parent. Then the loss of the home, another business, then another job. I was feeling quite overwhelmed since these life experiences wouldn’t seem to stop. Wave after wave of “bad luck” was following me everywhere. I couldn’t seem to get a hold on how to change this relentless negative tide.
However, this moment I can begin to see the light thru the dark clouds. I haven’t yet been able to embrace total understanding but I suppose this is where acceptance steps in and simplifies and disables the inquiry, the “why”, the victimhood. Fear is replaced with hope.

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