What Does Courage Mean to You?

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Cynthia is a member who now lives in California. This is her answer:
The lion in The Wizard of Oz comes to mind. He just wanted enough to be able to face his fears and help others.
I hadn’t realized it took courage to manage what life presented. However, after some thought and some sharing I realize it took courage to end a 30 year marriage, to be a single parent, to comfort a major movie star and to accept what came of it.
Courage means to step into the abyss without knowing where you will land. It means absorbing adversity without fear taking over.
I admire those who choose to continue to handle life and continue to celebrate all that it brings regardless of their circumstances.
I admire those who have lost someone dear to them yet they continue to spread joy and hope, they seem to trust a power greater than what is seen. Courage and trust seem to coexist.
When I feel the need to be a victim it helps to sit in another’s shoes, if even for a moment. Then I say “Thank You God”.

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