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Do not curse the darkness, for
Without it you’d never appreciate the light.
Contrast is the yeast that makes a
Perfect loaf of your life.

It’s been five months since my last posting. That was just enough time for me to go from darkness to light, from depression to normalcy. Back then, a diagnosis of Atrial fibrillation, along with my approaching eighty seventh birthday precipitated a too-hasty decision; I would drop all my commitments and “retire”. It was time, wasn’t it? I would no longer volunteer at Assateague National Seashore, I would drop facilitating our Writing for Wellness program, and stop managing our local Great Books Discussion group.
That’s when the darkness descended. Constant negative thoughts, loss of appetite and weight, lack of interest in anything were constant companions. My wife and daughters were very concerned and suggested medical and psychological help. After some medications and therapy the sun came out again.
When the light returned I remembered other times in my life of similar transformations:
-At twenty my father died suddenly at forty nine, leaving me to support my mother and one month old sister. That responsibility changed me, from merely sliding through life to getting a job and going to night school. I graduated college with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering.

-At 74 I was treated for Prostate Cancer. Several years later I entered and finished two half-marathons.

-And here it was again, first the depression, then the healing light of Wellbutrin.

I’ve cut back my schedule at Assateague, occasionally lead Great Books discussions, and attend Writing for Wellness meetings as a participant.
Not surprisingly, everything is still running smoothly without my fingers in the pie. As a matter of fact, the WFW program has now expanded to two separate groups to better serve our county.

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