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Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing

by Julie Davey with contributions from 60 members of her Writing for Wellness classes
You can buy a copy of the book from Idyll Arbor by clicking here.

Julie Davey’s proceeds from Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing are donated to City of Hope

Writing for Wellness provides a new and focused writing program for cancer patients, their family members, caregivers, and medical staff. It includes information about the author’s own battle with cancer, Healing Words from more than 60 contributors, and instructions for the reader to write his or her own healing words in the It’s Your Turn section.

For six years participants in Writing for Wellness classes have come to write and to eagerly share their stories. Wealthy Hollywood writers and producers sit alongside the poorest of the poor. Racial, religious, and cultural minorities all write together, battling to survive, heal, thrive.

In her class Julie’s method focuses on specific themes. Anger, frustration, fear, laughter, and tears pour out in prose and poetry, which Julie has collected in her book,Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing

Now readers can share in the healing by doing their own writing — first reading the Healing Words from more than 60 class participants and then expressing their own feelings with the It’s Your Turn section in every chapter.


  • The author, a college writing professor and two-time breast-cancer survivor, shares her experiences to teach cancer patients and family members how to express what they are going through.
  • The audience includes those who have experienced cancer or other tragedies personally or through their family and friends, and those working in medical centers/hospitals.
  • Each thematic chapter includes Julie’s own experiences battling cancer, the writings of her students in Healing Words, and a section for readers, It’s Your Turn, designed to help them begin to heal through writing.

The book is

  • an inspirational, uplifting, and sometimes humorous look at how cancer and other tragedies affect our lives.
  • a unique and focused writing program containing the contributions of more than 60 participants in Julie Davey’s Writing for Wellness classes at City of Hope.
  • filled with easy-to-follow writing techniques you can use to help healing, even if you are a “non-writer.”

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