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[24 Sep 2016 | No Comment | 36 views]

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[15 Aug 2013 | No Comment | 1,082 views]

One of our members has a story to tell that inspired our group, and should inspire anyone that is struggling in their lives. Although she thinks that any young Mother would do the same to defend her children I think her experience was much more than that. I also think you’ll agree with me.
It was the first Friday in April, I’ll never forget it. I left my home, with my two small children, and went into hiding. I expected [ … ]

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The Big C- Christmas Spirit
[19 Dec 2011 | No Comment | 5,733 views]

A Beautiful Christmas, Decorations Everywhere, Festive Garlands Hanging, Inspiring Joyous Kinder Laughter, Moving Non-believers On-toward Peace, Quieting Restive Souls, Tempering Unrest.
                                                                          Very Worry-free Xmas, 
                                                                                             Your Zitherists  
If you haven’t already noticed, there are 26 words, written in grammatical sentences, each beginning with successive letters of the alphabet, starting with A and ending with Z. Pat Boran, an Irish poet, gets the credit for this exercise our group is doing over the holidays. It’s in his book, “The Portable Creative [ … ]

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The Clothes Line
[16 Jul 2011 | No Comment | 1,421 views]

Joanne was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Dec. of 2007, received chemo treatments from Jan.-April in 2008 and had some maintenance treatments after that. She has been in our WFW group for several years. She can, and does, write about her “Cancer time” as though it happened yesterday. But, happily, she can also write beautiful essays like this one that attest to her healing spirit.
The Clothes Line
Why does the new white retractable cord that runs from the [ … ]

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[15 Oct 2010 | No Comment | 1,232 views]

    How does it all come together? Take a remembered comment about Cancer at a Writing For Cancer meeting, add a rereading of the myth of Pandora, throw in a newletter from City of Hope, and you have a poem:
                         Pandora’s Box of Cancer
With cancer comes your own personal Pandora’s Box,
Full of pain, full of grief, and designed by Zeus just for you.
Radiation, Chemo, Anxiety and Depression fly out of that box,
Trying to conquer you, trying to overwhelm you.
But keep [ … ]

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