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A Prompt Response
[5 Aug 2015 | No Comment | 301 views]

Mary is a survivor of three cancer operations and chemotherapy. She and and her husband had booked a trip to South Africa for next winter, but were considering backing out before it was too late.  The trip would be expensive, strenuous and scary, especially in light of mandated six month CT scans and a problematic mammogram.
Then Mary received the Home Prompt for our next meeting. It asked members to read an excerpt from Judy Rohm’s poem, “A Lesson”,  then comment on it.

  [ … ]

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If I take care of Gordon, God will take care of me.
[24 Nov 2012 | No Comment | 1,461 views]

Louiseanne has been in our WFW group for over two years, and I don’t remember one meeting where she wrote about her own problems. Never about her four melanomas, never about her impending spinal tap for a bone marrow biopsy. It was always about Gordon.
Gordon’s problems?  Within the last eight years, they include- renal failure, heart attack, kidney transplant, diabetes, laminectomy, and the latest, lung cancer.  He just finished four radiation treatments on each lung. In January they’ll check out [ … ]

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Dealers Choice
[11 Nov 2010 | No Comment | 1,096 views]

    This exercise is from John Fox’s book, “Finding What You Didn’t Lose”. Random words are written on slips of paper, folded and placed in a basket. Each participant takes 5 slips, and then writes an essay or poem using as many of the words as they wish. The direction, the point of view, of the writing is strictly up to the writer. Occasionally a particular connection, a direction, is superimposed on the 5 words, e.g., the Cancer in your [ … ]

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