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Poet, Why Don’t You Write Cheerful Poems?
[27 May 2012 | No Comment | 2,066 views]

If I didn’t know about the thorns,
I would always write of the beautiful rose.
If I didn’t know about the darkness,
I would always write of the brilliant sunlight.
And, if I didn’t know about the cancer
I would always write of the sublime life.
But,……………. I KNOW!
Our Writing For Wellness group in Ocean Pines, Maryland, is taking the summer off. Meanwhile I’m attending a monthly writer’s group in Ocean City. At the last meeting a member suggested I change the ending of a poem [ … ]

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Trouble in the Tropic of Cancer
[10 May 2011 | No Comment | 1,189 views]

Responses to writing prompts can be so unpredictable. Our primary goal in WFW at the Cancer Support Community-Delmarva is to heal the spiritual wounds caused by Cancer. Usually the responses are serious, very serious. But, sometimes, they’re not, and that’s what can make them so unpredictable, and so much fun. In a recent meeting I asked for a story that contained one or more of the following words:
       Cancer                              dog or cat                         gun or knife
        very distant relative          banjo                                abusive [ … ]

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