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The Pain of Adoption
[4 Jan 2015 | No Comment | 614 views]

There are so many sources of pain, so many reasons that justify the need for our Writing for Wellness program. Here’s Dana’s story:
I was adopted at five days old. When I was three, my mother read me a book that told me I was special. Being adopted meant that I was chosen, and this was better. I would walk around telling everyone I was adopted because I believed it was this wonderful thing.
When I turned twelve, I realized that being [ … ]

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[13 Feb 2012 | No Comment | 1,320 views]

With every Biopsy, a part of me dies,
A part of my body, a part of my spirit,
Like a rock beaten down by the constant drip-drip of water,
Slowly, surely, wearing, gnawing..
Variable is the location,
Constant is the anger, the worry, the despair.
A needleful of my Prostate, a snip of my skin, a scrape of my mouth..
Death of tissue, death of psyche.
The bliss of benignity, or the malice of malignancy,
Which will it be?
Push the pause button on your life,
Don’t start anything new!
When, [ … ]

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The Big C- Christmas Spirit
[19 Dec 2011 | No Comment | 5,733 views]

A Beautiful Christmas, Decorations Everywhere, Festive Garlands Hanging, Inspiring Joyous Kinder Laughter, Moving Non-believers On-toward Peace, Quieting Restive Souls, Tempering Unrest.
                                                                          Very Worry-free Xmas, 
                                                                                             Your Zitherists  
If you haven’t already noticed, there are 26 words, written in grammatical sentences, each beginning with successive letters of the alphabet, starting with A and ending with Z. Pat Boran, an Irish poet, gets the credit for this exercise our group is doing over the holidays. It’s in his book, “The Portable Creative [ … ]

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