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Trouble in the Tropic of Cancer
[10 May 2011 | No Comment | 1,189 views]

Responses to writing prompts can be so unpredictable. Our primary goal in WFW at the Cancer Support Community-Delmarva is to heal the spiritual wounds caused by Cancer. Usually the responses are serious, very serious. But, sometimes, they’re not, and that’s what can make them so unpredictable, and so much fun. In a recent meeting I asked for a story that contained one or more of the following words:
       Cancer                              dog or cat                         gun or knife
        very distant relative          banjo                                abusive [ … ]

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Bill, Jeanne, Daisy and Donald
[20 Apr 2011 | No Comment | 1,316 views]

Bill Matteson, writer, humorist, husband, father and friend, who lost his earthly battle with cancer, made many contributions to society and to his fellow survivors. He helped edit the book Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing and had several stories and essays in that book. He also wrote a patient guide for those receiving cancer treatments at City of Hope, and he created more than 100 unique and humorous greeting cards designed to cheer up patients, caregivers, family members [ … ]

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Anonymous Acts of Kindness
[20 Apr 2011 | No Comment | 1,950 views]

During the month of May, nearly 100 people will receive a free, handmade work of art. They will never know exactly who made it because there will be no signed card attached, sometimes only the words, “Made especially for you.”                                                            
These gifts could never be purchased in a store and no one would know what price tag to place on them. Many who have seen them first-hand declare simply,”Priceless!”                                                                                                                                      
The unique gifts are part of a continuing program that is bringing well-known [ … ]

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James Cremin 1954-2011
[6 Apr 2011 | No Comment | 1,315 views]

James Cremin
Christine Pechera notified me that our dear James, our classmate and film-maker James Cremin has passed away. He had been released from the hospital and was feeling well enough to plan to go to a movie. Movies were his life-long passion. But, that plan never happened.
Christine brought him to us, to our class and he became a member of our Writing for Wellness family. He is gone now but not forgotten. His work, his documentary [ … ]

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A Very Happy Anniversary
[20 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 1,156 views]

Our Writing For Wellness group in Maryland just finished its first year together. We meet twice a month; there are usually six to eight attendees. It has been very gratifying to see the obvious progress we have all made in that year, progress in writing skills and in emotional healing.
Initially we concentrated on just Cancer, with its physical and emotional scars. Practically all the prompts involved the Big C. But as we healed, the subjects of the assignments broadened out, letting [ … ]

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