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If I take care of Gordon, God will take care of me.
[24 Nov 2012 | No Comment | 1,461 views]

Louiseanne has been in our WFW group for over two years, and I don’t remember one meeting where she wrote about her own problems. Never about her four melanomas, never about her impending spinal tap for a bone marrow biopsy. It was always about Gordon.
Gordon’s problems?  Within the last eight years, they include- renal failure, heart attack, kidney transplant, diabetes, laminectomy, and the latest, lung cancer.  He just finished four radiation treatments on each lung. In January they’ll check out [ … ]

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On a Personal Note
[25 Nov 2011 | No Comment | 1,376 views]

                        Marion’s Garden of Hope
                   Last year’s garden was bleak,
                  A few annuals were all she could do,
                  Mammograms and Lumpectomies,  Radiation and Reconstruction
                  They took up most of her time.
                 This year’s sun is stronger and brighter,
                 She’s planting perennials now.
                 Gaillardia and Primula, Rudbeckia and Hosta,
                 Perennials for all those years to come!
I wrote that poem in 2007. It was written about my wife’s battle with Breast Cancer. Her mental strength through life’s tests, not just dealing with her Cancer, is what keeps me going. Death of an [ … ]

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Robin’s Smile
[28 Apr 2011 | No Comment | 1,252 views]

         Robin’s Smile
 She can’t clap with just one hand,
She can’t click her heels with just one leg,
But Oh, how she can smile!
Picture yourself meditating,
Calmed, refreshed.
Then you hear that tiny bell,
That’s Robin’s smile.
This is not specifically about Cancer; it’s about overcoming any adversity, overcoming it with grace. My wife and I were attending a 6 week workshop on living with a chronic condition. In the class was a young lady living with a condition which requires daily home dialysis, a condition [ … ]

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