Recap of a Writing for Wellness Meeting, Ocean Pines, Maryland, 7-8-13
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Home Prompt- Dealers Choice, you pick the subject. 
Responses included:
– I felt pure joy when I remember the first smile of the baby…..
– I learned the hard way that loving others is really loving myself…
– (On the death of a friend) I weep through the day, my friend’s soul broke free…
– Savor life, don’t give in to “something bad is going to happen”…
– The excitement of moving here is past, we’re getting older, did we make the right move?….
– Requiem for [ … ]

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Recap of a Writing for Wellness meeting, Ocean Pines, Maryland, 6-24-13
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Home Prompt- Write about someone in your life who held out a rope when you were in a deep, deep hole.
Responses included:
-My partner held out that rope for me when I had Cancer…
-My 24 year old grandson needed a rope, and a rehab facility is providing it…
Prompt 1- In a recent Washington Post Sports section photo, fans are shown reacting to a foul ball landing near them. Two young women are sitting together- one is smiling,unconcerned, while the other woman [ … ]

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Many Flowers Grow in Our Garden
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Today is Monday, May 27th, our regular meeting day. Since it’s Memorial Day the Library is closed, and we’re meeting at my house. As we sit on the deck alongside our pond, we can see Marion’s flower beds, overflowing with flowers of all types, all colors.
Originally our Writing group was a garden with one kind of flower, all of us affected by the same thing-cancer. Now we have a garden of many varieties, many colors. Consider:
Jane- Blindness is not only [ … ]

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Joan Smith’s WFW Class Participant’s “Lessons”
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Ten Lessons Learned
By Ann Leisy
The first lesson in life I remember being taught was the Golden Rule. I have always been glad to have this reference as the corner stone of my life.
Also, I learned early in life that if I was to have a healthy old age, I would need to exercise. So I have managed to work various activities into my schedule such as: Skiing, [ … ]

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Pictures Are Worth Words
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Famous paintings are wonderful to study and admire. They also have another life- as prompts for WFW classes.
I regularly use a reproduction from a well-known artist. At one meeting it was Edward Hopper’s “Morning Sun”, In Hopper’s painting a woman is sitting on a bed and looking out her window. I asked the group to write about the thoughts going through the woman’s mind.
This poem was one result:
If Only
I look out at a sun filled sky,
A day full of promise.
Can [ … ]

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