Senior Citizens Enroll in Writing for Wellness at California University
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by Joan
  I began teaching the Writing for Wellness class as part of Senior University at
California State University, Long Beach at the Leisure World campus with much
trepidation. My concern was that I was not a trained teacher and was unsure
whether or not I could do it. After a couple of sessions there, I moved the
class and have been teaching it on the college campus. My students have ranged in age from 55 to 85, and have included both men and women. While [ … ]

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Life Lessons by Maria Naraki, WFW student at Cal State Long Beach
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Life’s Lessons
Be kind, loving, and patient with myself:
As a child I was taught to do for others, that is, take care of others’ needs and neglect my own. I now realize that I need to take care of myself first, if I am to have love and patience to take care of others.
Forgiveness was a word I did not understand before. Forgiveness does not mean the wrong that was done to me is okay. No! Forgiveness is releasing myself from [ … ]

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Laguna Niguel author shares story of couple who housed wolves
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LAGUNA NIGUEL – Julie Davey of Laguna Niguel has written new mystery novel, “Cry Wolf, a psychological thriller.” She is also the author of “Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing,” which was published in 2007.
Fullerton College, where Davey taught writing, recently established a journalism award in her honor. The first Julie A. Davey Excellence in Journalism Award was presented in May, during an awards ceremony at the college.
Davey discussed her love of writing [ … ]

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The Yin and Yang of My Heroine
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Write about your hero. That was the latest assignment at the monthly writer’s group in Ocean City. Unlike our regular Writing for Wellness assignments Cancer is not a primary subject. In my case, though, it usually shows up.
As I made a list of all the highs and lows of Marion’s life it just reinforced my selection. I am in awe of all her triumphs and tragedies.
The Yin  and Yang of My Heroine
Miss Cold Spring Lake and Mono-purpura
Master Gardener and Breast [ … ]

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Poet, Why Don’t You Write Cheerful Poems?
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If I didn’t know about the thorns,
I would always write of the beautiful rose.
If I didn’t know about the darkness,
I would always write of the brilliant sunlight.
And, if I didn’t know about the cancer
I would always write of the sublime life.
But,……………. I KNOW!
Our Writing For Wellness group in Ocean Pines, Maryland, is taking the summer off. Meanwhile I’m attending a monthly writer’s group in Ocean City. At the last meeting a member suggested I change the ending of a poem [ … ]

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