On a Personal Note
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                        Marion’s Garden of Hope
                   Last year’s garden was bleak,
                  A few annuals were all she could do,
                  Mammograms and Lumpectomies,  Radiation and Reconstruction
                  They took up most of her time.
                 This year’s sun is stronger and brighter,
                 She’s planting perennials now.
                 Gaillardia and Primula, Rudbeckia and Hosta,
                 Perennials for all those years to come!
I wrote that poem in 2007. It was written about my wife’s battle with Breast Cancer. Her mental strength through life’s tests, not just dealing with her Cancer, is what keeps me going. Death of an [ … ]

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Tribute: Dr. Lois Neil-Sambar
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Dr. Lois Neil-Sambar, 76, former Glendale Unified School District Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction and former principal of Rosemont Middle School, a well-known educator and philanthropist in the Glendale-La Crescenta area, died October 11, 2011  in her home in La Canada-Flintridge following a nearly two-decade valiant battle with cancer.
Lois is survived by her husband, Chakib (Chuck) Sambar, former President of the Glendale Unified School District and long-time GUSD board member and former Vice Principal of Instruction at Crescenta Valley High School; [ … ]

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Something New
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Famous paintings are wonderful to study and admire. They also have another life- as prompts for WFW classes.
At each of our last two meetings I used a reproduction from a well-known artist.
At one meeting it was Edward Hopper’s “Morning Sun”, In Hopper’s painting a woman is sitting on a bed and looking out her window. I asked the group to write about the thoughts going through the woman’s mind.
Everyone responded enthusiastically to the use of the paintings as prompts, and [ … ]

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Destiny? We believe it was!
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A  Meant-to-Be Encounter
by Julie Davey
The northbound traffic on the 5, the 57 and on the westbound 210 Freeways in Los Angeles was bad.  It was morning rush hour and I was driving the 70 or so miles up to Caltech in Pasadena to drop off my husband Bob for a seminar he was attending.  My plan was to return to City of Hope in Duarte pick up my medical records requested by my doctors in Orange County, then see some [ … ]

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What Linda Started!
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What Linda Started!
by Julie Davey, her friend and sister survivor.
I am privileged to be here today at the City of Hope with Linda’s family, friends and co-workers as well as the doctors we shared–Dr. James Andersen, our surgeon, and Dr. Lucille Leong, our oncologist, both of whom will pay tribute to Linda as well. She is gone but not fogotten.
Linda lives on in so many ways, in so many hearts. I am honored to tell you about one aspect of [ … ]

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