Steve Rom’s Legacy
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Steve’s Never-Ending Story
submitted as a tribute to him by Julie Davey
Many of you may have heard the sad news and others may not have.
Steve Rom, 38, died on December 3, 2010.
Those of us in the Writing for Wellness family  remember his life’s story from the City of Hope Writing for Wellness classes and from our book’s last chapter “Steve’s Story” and continue to praise it as an inspirational and uplifting one.
Steve battled cancer, went through a successful bone-marrow transplant at City [ … ]

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Joan Smith’s Class
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Great Class, Great Teacher!
Thank you to Joan Smith, a sister survivor of cancer, multi-entry contributor to the Writing for Wellness: a Prescription for Healing book, and one of the longest-attending participants in the writing for wellness classes, having come to the first class on the first night in 2001. Joan is now teaching at the Seal Beach, California, Leisure World retirement community, offering Writing for Wellness instruction for participants and using our WFW book as her text. She invited me [ … ]

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Words of Healing
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Deep, deep inside us, are words, words just waiting and hoping to be released. They might not be about your Cancer, but they wait just the same.
This poem, written for last week’s meeting, dwells on a distant memory. But it reads as though it just happened.
Mom’s Heart Attack
My dad’s call came at night.
“No need to rush up here;
She’ll be all right.”
I left home with fears and hopes.
Orange and yellow woods lined the highway–
She was in the autumn of her [ … ]

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The Clothes Line
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Joanne was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Dec. of 2007, received chemo treatments from Jan.-April in 2008 and had some maintenance treatments after that. She has been in our WFW group for several years. She can, and does, write about her “Cancer time” as though it happened yesterday. But, happily, she can also write beautiful essays like this one that attest to her healing spirit.
The Clothes Line
Why does the new white retractable cord that runs from the [ … ]

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Pick and Choose
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Preparing for one of our WFW meetings can be difficult, as well as fun. As an ongoing group, with some member’s Cancer treatments long past, making the writing prompts interesting to all is a challenge. Some members are trying to move on, others are still dealing with the anguish of being either survivor or caregiver, or both. But all recognize the value of continuing their writing.
The fun comes in reading and choosing assignments from the many available books on healing through writing. Julie’s [ … ]

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