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Start a New Group

Welcome to the page that will help you start your own Writing for Wellness group.

If you are interested in leading classes:
Contact us or call 360-825-7797 for more information.

Information for New Groups

Including the book Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing we are offering several other resources to aid in starting your own Writing for Wellness group:

  • First, read through our Getting Started section for ideas from established programs
  • Writing for Wellness in Christian Settings is available from Smashwords and wherever you get downloads for your e-reader.
  • Writing for Wellness in Community Settings is available from Smashwords and wherever you get downloads for your e-reader.
  • Paper copies of both books are also available by contacting us at Idyll Arbor (360-825-7797).
  • Contact other Writing for Wellness Groups in your area for support and ideas

Upon Forming Your Group

Once your group is formed, please contact us so that we may provide you with the following services:

  • The site administrator will create a special Contributor account for new group leaders interested in submitting work done in their class to the greater community. While Contributor posts are moderated before being presented, leaders who show consistency in quality and submission will be upgrade to an Author account, bypassing moderation for immediate presentation to the community. (For more information about the specifics of the platform, see Roles and Capabilities – WordPress)
  • Share group stories and pictures about difficulties, joys, accomplishments, and loss with the greater community to aid other groups in creating a more effective program for their participants
  • Groups with websites will be added to the Writing for Wellness Groups bookmark list to help those in need find your programs

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